To AAPE 2021

A stamp exhibition is an event in which philatelists can exhibit their collection (or rather a part of it) to the public and to a panel of judges. The exhibits follow certain rules which are designed to accommodate the general public and to create a fair basis for the evaluation of the jury. Normally, a stamp exhibition is held in a spacious hall, but in view of the COVID 19 pandemic the current exhibition is held as a Virtual one in cyberspace.

A tri-national exhibition

This exhibition is a tri-national one, with collectors from Israel, the United Arab Emirates and the United States participating. These three countries signed on September 15th 2020 the Abraham Accords, and the current exhibition is part of the implementation of these accords. It is aptly named Abraham Accords Philatelic Exhibition, or AAPE 2021 in short.

AAPE 2021 is held to promote friendly relations and close cooperation among philatelists of the three countries and to promote stamp collecting worldwide.

AAPE 2021 contains three competitive categories:

  1. Traditional Philately:  Collections devoted to stamps of a specific country during a limited time frame.
  2. Postal History: Collections devoted to the rates and roots for mail during a specific place and time.
  3. Thematic Philately: Collections devoted to a specific theme.

Each of the 3 participating countries is required to submit 6 multi-frames exhibits in these categories, with at least 3 of them related to the Middle East. Each country is welcome to add up to two single frame exhibits.

AAPE also contains two non-competitive categories:

  • Picture Postcards
  •  Court of Honor

Each of the 3 participating countries is required to submit 2 multi-frames exhibits in the Picture Postcards category and a single exhibit in the Court of Honor category. 

A panel of judges will review the exhibits of the competitive categories. The jury members will grade the exhibits according to rules determined by the International Federation, and will provide the exhibitors with constructive criticism to help them improve in the future. The judges will also vote on which exhibit deserves to win the Grand Prix of AAPE 2021.